Faace Tired Gel Face Mask 100ml

A radiance boosting face mask.This lightweight; gel can be applied daily or weekly to transform skin from dull and tired into glossy glowing (no sleep required). Enriched with a blend of caffeine; glycerin; vitamin C; lactic acid plus rosehip; this helps to perk up; moisturise; add radiance; gently exfoliate; brighten; strengthen keep plump. Need we say any more? Vegan Crueltyfree


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BOTANIST Botanical Hair Mist 200ml

Brand from Japan: BOTANIST. Finger pass, repair moisture. How to use: Spray a distance of 10 15 cm the hair, a brush or hand comb to blend product into entire length of hair.


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La glace Q10 Glaire White Therapy Mask 10 pcs

Brand from Hong Kong: la glace. Contains whitening moisturizing nutrients, providing sufficient energy to skin cells, enhancing brightening anti oxidant ability. Works to improve tone conditions. How to use: Apply once or twice per week to the thoroughly cleansed face. Leave mask on for 10 to 15 minutes then rinse off with water.


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La glace Q10 Cells Recharge Therapy Mask 10 pcs

Brand from Hong Kong: la glace. Helps to increases cellular energy activity, reduces lines wrinkles. The overall skin structure elasticity are improved, look healthier younger. How to use: Apply once or twice per week to the thoroughly cleansed face. Leave mask on for 10 to 15 minutes then rinse off with water.


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Kanebo Lunasol Airy Lucent Powder 15g 2 Types

Brand from Japan: Kanebo. Another veil on shiny skin. A thin film loose powder that gives your a refined appearance while making most of glossy expression. How to use: Adjust amount with back of hand or a tissue before putting on face. After use, set partition sheet puff on net close lid properly. If of puffs is getting smaller, can hold take container upside down.


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Kanebo Coffret Dor Lucent Finish Powder 15g

Brand from Japan: Kanebo. Fits your skin so that it feels like a transparent finish. For all seasons. Unscented. Face powder fits as creates a skin. Gives the a natural gloss improves makeup. It is a fine lightly with no powderiness or whitening. Absorbs excess sebum prevents damage such as shine twist. Water soluble collagen (moisturizing) . Sebum adsorbing powder. How to use: Use to foundation. When using for first time, lay a tissue paper or underneath.


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ACSEINE Silky Moisture Foundation N SPF 15 PA Refill 6 Types

Brand from Japan: ACSEINE. When using for the first time, please purchase special case sold separately. Uniformly coats all powders with highly moisturizing ingredients. By forming a skin colored film, it covers rough skin, It will be finished in a smooth state, as if you had a good night's sleep. How to use: Take an appropriate amount of Foundation Sponge N (sold separately) apply it lightly inside to outside of a wide area of face such as cheeks.


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John Masters Organics Three King Hair Styling Stick 15g

Brand from United States: John Masters Organics. A mascara type styling product that can be applied to bangs loose hair to create a sense of bundles, creating a nuance, or to trim short floating at the top or neckline of bundled hair. A brush with long bristles soft fibers allows for detailed by approaching each strand of In addition, moisturizing vegetable oil penetrates inside of cuticle repairs smoothly to ends. Moisturizing care be achieved while


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Nakano Styling Tanto N Wax 90g 10 Types

Brand from Japan: Nakano. Contains shape retaining polymers allowing complete styling freedom no matter how fine or soft your hair. Select three types of textures: shiny, natural or dry. Easily washes off hands shea butter preventing loss of color or UV damage. Rich sweet fruity floral fragrance. 1 Light Type Natural light finish without stickiness. 2 Normal Creates bundles movement at the tips. 3 Hard Moderate holding strength creates waves at 4


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Kracie Hadabisei Ance Spot Serum 15g

Brand from Japan: Kracie. A medicated serum that can also prevent adult acne, treat blackheads, scars, whiten. A beauty essence prevents by not increasing or activating causing bacteria, dark uneven by moisturizing conditioning skin. In addition, whitening care is possible because it contains active ingredients. Leads to smooth healthy Anti inflammatory Contains dipotassium glycyrrhizinate Active high purity vitamin C Non comedogenic tested, allergy


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